Why does my cat sleep above my head Reddit

Sara Farell
Sara Farell

There are many reasons why cats sleep on high shelves or beds. Some cats may do this because they feel safer up high, while others may do it because it is more comfortable for them. Some cats may also sleep on high shelves or beds because they are attracted to the noise made by people or other animals downstairs.

Hello there Cats and Owners, My Cat's behavior has recently changed and I'm not sure if this is normal age changes or if this is something I should ask a vet about. I don't seek medical advice, but rather experiences. I adopted my little Bobbele when he was 14 weeks old and we have a close bond.He's eight now, so when I go to bed, he usually follows me and we spoon for a while before he goes to his sleeping place at my feet.Being at home constantly for the last few weeks, I've noticed a few changes: Bob gets up and disappears around naptime (I have a child and use her naptime to lay down frequently as well), which used to be twelveish but has now changed to 1 pm.An hour later, I'll find him in my bed, on my side, sound asleep, and when I get into bed, he'll move onto my pillow.Instead of spooning, he's lying on my head, sighing deeply once and purring until he falls asleep.

Since I've read that behavioral changes can be a sign of something more serious... What do you think? Did I just disrupt his routine (do cats have routines?) or is this something I should consult a vet about?

Hello! I don't really need advice because it isn't a big deal, but I miss my snuggle buddy!

For the past two years, my cat has slept curled up next to my legs or stomach, always touching me.

He has moved up to lay next to my head, very close to my face, where my pillow would extend if it were longer, and he gets up a lot (not surprising for a cat), and now instead of being down by my body, he walks over my head.I can deal with it, but I'd like to know why he's changed and if I can persuade him to return. I miss his snuggles and warmth, and I've had trouble sleeping due to not touching him more than the walking over my face.It was so nice to have him around.

For context, it was hot at one point but has since cooled off, so I don't think it's a heat issue, and he still snuggles on my legs/stomach when we're not sleeping; nothing else in our lives has changed.


I'm sorry for your loss, man.

I used to have two cats, one of which died a few months ago due to old age and kidney failure.That cat was a companion to me; he enjoyed going outside, playing, chasing anything that flew, and sleeping on my lap.He was always there to greet me on my way out the door to work in the morning, and when he died, things were strange and quiet around the house for the first few nights.To this day, it's strange not having him around on quieter nights; I'm just waiting for summer, as I've developed habits of checking doors to make sure he doesn't try to sneak outside.It will be a significant change of pace for me.

My other cat is still with me; she is a happy and healthy kitty who spends most of the day by my side, following me around the house.She comes to visit me at night after I crawl into bed and falls asleep on top of me for a few hours; in the morning, she waits for me to wake up, comes to visit, and we spend a good amount of time together.I've noticed this cat has been more outgoing since the other cat died, but she seems to cry or meow loudly, as if she is looking for the other cat, if you leave her suddenly.If you call her name and ask her what's wrong, or if you give her company again, she stops. I wonder what the two cats used to do when they were together.When I'm not around, I definitely feel lonely, but she's always there when I get home.

Cats are wonderful pets and family members, and it is heartbreaking to lose one.

This actually occurred this morning.

I always let my cats sleep wherever they want, and one of their favorite spots is on my pillow above my head. This morning, around 7:30 a.m., one of my cats slept on my pillow above my head.I was awoken by a searing pain in my left eye; I touched it and came away with blood on my hand, so I dashed into the bathroom to stop the bleeding and assess the damage, all while crying from pain.There was a large scratch spanning almost the entire length of my eyelid, which began swelling almost immediately, prompting even more intense crying that woke up my husband.

My husband examined the damage, assisted me in cleaning it up, and applied some neosporin for me; thankfully, it did not penetrate all the way through my eyelid and I can still see.Also, I'm pretty sure my cat was just trying to stretch when my eye got in the way. https://imgur.com/a/6Cu2k

TL;DR: Cat slept on the pillow, resulting in a bloody, swollen eye.

Hello, We got our baby (BSH kitten) in early December and he is a delight, with a few funny habits and a lot of personality; he's the only pet in the house, we don't have kids, and to be honest, my husband and I spoil him rotten.He's recently started sleeping on either of our pillows, right on our heads, not so much on our faces, but it's still unsettling.We both work long days, so it's becoming a nightmare, constantly fending him off from the pillows all night. Does anyone have any suggestions? We've tried putting catnip in the cat-bed we got him, which is in our bedroom, but it hasn't convinced him much.

What does it mean when your cat sleeps on top of you?

"Your head, hair, and pillow are a concentrated source of that comforting scent, and some cats may particularly enjoy that," Dr.Romper speaks with Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM at Better With Cats.. “Your head, hair, and pillow are a concentrated source of that comforting scent and some cats may particularly enjoy that,” Dr. Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM at Better With Cats, tells Romper.

Why does my cat feel the need to touch me while I'm sleeping?

This bond is important to your cat because they are social creatures who require affection and attention from their owner, and sleeping with you is another way for them to express their love.it is another way for them to show their love.

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